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Where to find grief support

Where to find grief support

Bereavement is a very personal experience, it affects everyone in different ways. The journey is different in many ways and as we go through the grief process, what is needed in support can change.

Grief support

There are many organisations that can help in the understanding of and management of grief. Just some of these are :

If you would prefer to speak to someone, there are many organisations that also offer this support :


Therapy comes in many shapes and forms and can provide support to transform how you deal with a bereavement.

Solutions Focussed Hypnotherapy is just one of the many therapy types available. It focuses on self-development and is based on the principle that everyone has the resources they need to overcome their problems. The aim of therapy is to help the individual find these resources and use them to solve their problems.

This is a type of talking therapy, which is often offered online rather than in a face to face appointment.

The practice encourages you to focus on moving forward and making long lasting, positive changes in your life, rather than focusing on the problem or on past traumas. If you are struggling to move on, the therapy can help to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression as well as helping you to sleep better, cope better and fully immerse yourself in the positive aspects of your life.

Counselling and psychotherapy can change lives. It can can specifically help you deal with overwhelming feelings of loss and grief.

Therapy provides a safe and confidential space for you to talk to a trained professional about your issues and concerns. Your therapist will help you explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours so you can develop a better understanding of yourself and of others.


Going to see a counsellor or psychotherapist is a big decision. Anyone can call themselves a counsellor and set up in private practice, so it’s important to find a therapist who you know is fully qualified and works to professional standards.

The BACP Therapist Directory is an online, searchable directory of around 16,000 private therapists (UK) who offer services to the public. 

What happens after a death?

Citizens Advice has put together some very useful guidance about what happens after a death. It includes information about things you might need to do, depending on your personal circumstances.

Citizens Advice guidance England 

Citizens Advice guidance Northern Ireland 

Citizens Advice guidance Scotland

Citizens Advice guidance Wales